Mother and Child Osteopathic clinic

This practice offers osteopathic treatment to pregnant mothers and newborns (fathers and siblings are welcome to attend sessions).

Osteopathy could help pregnant mothers with lower back and pelvic pain associated with increased weight gain and softening ligaments, creating postural compensation.

Osteopathic gentle treatment is suitable for babies and children, cranial technique could help sooth and relax your baby.  Please bring your baby’s red book/ health record, baby food and changing gear.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian; who will be asked to give consent for examination and treatment on their behalf. The treatment room has a child friendly feel and there are toys and books. Children can be treated while sitting on parents laps or during play depending on age.

With older children, it is helpful to explain that the osteopath will gently touch their head/ body and that you will be present at all times.

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