What to bring with you to an Osteopathy treatment

What to bring to your Osteopathy treatment

In order to get the most out of your treatment, it is a good idea:

  • to bring a list of current medications and copies of any relevant X-Rays and MRI scans
  • to wear comfortable, loose clothing
  • to be aware that you may need to undress briefly in order to view joints
  • to make me aware, in advance, of any special needs you might have (e.g. wheelchair access)
  • to make me aware of any ongoing care from other practitioners
  • to discuss any concerns, or state any specific expectations with me over the telephone before your treatment

Additional Information

You may bring a close friend or relative with you. You will be given a consent form prior to any hands on treatment.

What to Expect

Most problems will see an improvement, or indeed be resolved within three visits (dependent on how chronic the problem is).

Realistic expectation:

First Visit –  a one hour consultation/examination, plus a short treatment.

Follow up visits – approximately 3/4 hour consultation, entailing a discussion of progress, re-examination, plus advice on exercise, posture and lifestyle changes. If required, further treatment will take place.

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